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2001-11-27, 9:48 a.m.: Cutting, reflecting, and coffee...

I am proud of myself today...I went to my Grandmother's place a/f the gym yesterday and I cut her hair. Now I haven't had much experience cutting yet, but I did a very good job on her. I still have to go back to trim the bottom with the clippers a bit...just to neaten it out. I told her she didn't have to pay me anything, but she insisted on giving me 20. She told me that her other hairdresser charged 20 so I should get 20. I guess she couldn't bare seeing me work for less than that other bitch whom we've all grown to hate. My Grandma...she's the best!

Other than that, nothing else has been really going on right now. I've been constantly wracking my brain b/c recently everything people have been saying has been getting to me. Usually I can just brush things off and not consider anyones point of view as right...since I'm convinced most of the time that I'm right. But, then sometimes I slip onto this level of uncertainty and I begin to mull over every comment or statement someones says to me, or anyone else for that matter. It sucks fucking shit, b/c I waste alot of precious brain time on it and I shouldn't, but then I think that I should be refelctive on things and that it will help me to grow. I think I want things too fast. I'm just going to slow down and let things happen as they should...let myself fuck up and then figure out what went wrong. I guess the true test is realizing when I've fucked up. Here I go again...being all reflective. I'm getting tired...

We were out of coffee filters today...so I used my Mother's brilliant idea of using a paper towel as a filter. It worked well, and I am now enjoying a beautiful cup of freshly brewed coffee. Fuck, I sound like a damn commercial. O.K...I'm going to get going now...Ciao!!

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~