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2001-11-28, 2:07 p.m.: Manadrin and a dog pick up...

Yummy!! Guess wher I got to go for lunch today?? Mandarin...my favorite restaurant. I'm totally full right now though.

I got stuck with picking my fiends dog up @ the groomers today b/c she's not going to be around to do it. She's got plans to take her car to get fixed and didn't realize it would be so long to do everything. I'm right down the street from where her dog is so I agreed to do it. Still I feel as if I'm being used...I mean is it up to me to pick your damn dog up when it's your responsibility?? She told me that if she pisses in my car she'll have it steam cleaned for me. Even though I wouldn't want her too, I'm kinda hoping she does piss in there. I'm needing a good car cleaning. I really have to think quicker cause I always get stuck doing this crazy shit for other people, when most likely they wouldn't go out on a limb for me. Well, it's not a huge limb here but you know what I mean.

Poor dogs gotta stay in there for 3 hours all alone. She's a little thing, but she's old and weary. I would hate my owner if she did that to me.

CLG aka CAT XX ;-)~