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2001-11-26, 9:55 a.m.: Cid sucks shit...

I am so fucking exhausted from the weekend. Remind me never to do acid again in my life. What a shitty drug. S and I dropped @ a friends place Friday night. SHe added a bit of shroomies into her mixture and I just stuck with the cid. Aside from tripping until 6 in the morning...she had an over-heating episode where I literally could see heat waves coming off her body. She turned green and yellow in front of me. I couldn't say a word to her, but I felt like I could feel every time she was getting that surge of energy through her that was too much. I kept getting cold water and rubbing it on her forehead and neck to cool her off. I felt really shitty a/f, like I should have talked to her to soothe her, but I was just acting on my feeling and words didn't seem a part of it. Once the rush of intensity passed, I was left feeling more fucked than b/f. I stayed up until 4 where she wanted to go home and sleep. I could've stayed up longer but I went home and finished tripping in my sleep. @ one point a/f all the patterns in my head stopped I jerked up in my bed, looked around and then fell back to sleep. I think that's how it ended. Through the night we watched Final Fantasy which was awesome-great movie...I highly recommend it.

I never got up in time for school on Saturday, but I refused to go anyways. I felt like such shit all day and into Sunday. My brain wasn't fully in working order, my body felt nasty, and I was tired as hell. Words weren't coming very easily to me and my thought process was mashed.

I never called her to say I wasn't coming in...I'll tell them on Tuesday that I was deathly ill.

So once again...remind me never to ever do that shitty ass crap again in my life!!! Please and thank you...

CAT aka CLG XXX ;-)~