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2001-11-20, 9:12 a.m.: Madonna on HBO and hair...

I'm feeling good today. Yesterday a/f the gym, where I fucking worked so hard that I almost puked my guts out. I don't think I ate enough to give me enough energy to keep up...so me being the psycho I am kept trying to push harder. Big mistake, well, not that big a mistake but I had to sit on the fucking toilet for 10 mins to clear my head cause I was ready to pass out. So, whit faced and cold I went over to my Aunts place, cause I was suppose to be doing her hair. She gave me some food to eat and slowly I regained my strength. By the end she told me that all the color had come back to my face. So I did her hair...came out great, of course. I wanted to watch Queer as Folk, but she's got satellite and she doesn't have the channel. So I stopped @ the Britney HBO special...cack, well it had great colors and some good dancing. I don't know, maybe I'm biased cause I've got something against her. Well, then I turned it to the Madonna special..fucking amazing, that woman is a genious. I admire the fuck out of her. I would fuck the shit out of her too. She was extremely more masculine in this show than she's ever been. Every show she looks more and more butch. I like it though, especially with those chaps she was wearing. Fuck, I had this huge smile on my face the whole time...I just get very happy b/c I know she's worked ahrd and taken alot of shit and then to see the finished product, where she just blows everyone out of their seats. That is amazing to me.

I kept my aunt up late, but I had to watch that special. She paid me for the hair...cause I'm starting to charge. I mean, if my teacher can make money off me and put it in her pocket than I can certainly make money off me. I won't charge her for the color next time, just for the work. It's gotts be a benifit to her too right, and we wasted alot of color that she could have re-used yestedray due to my inexperience in how much to mix...oopps!

Well, now I have dinner money. I'm going to go to that Middle Easern restaurant and get my favorite food tonight. I'm looking forward to it.