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2001-11-21, 9:42 a.m.: trying to fuck me...

What a night...

School was good...I did a nice blow dry and did theory. Fuck, I was bored out of my damn mind. Tomorrow I'm going to go in @ 10 b/c we have a color technician coming in. I might as well learn all that I can when I really have the chance. I'll miss a day here @ work, but it'll be worth it. A/f school yesterday I went out with this guy who I'm friends with. I met him through school and we get along very well...he makes me howl with laughter. He flirts all the time with me and anybody else around. So we went out and of course, like I was expecting, he tries to get me to fuck him. Well, he tried to be a little more polite than that, but I was severely blunt with him. Now, as far as fucking goes, I mean did her really think that I was just going to jump into bed with him. This guy sits beside me @ school. I don't want to have to deal with the dramas and tensions that could develop a/f. I told him that and he tried to convince me of it being fine. I'm not a fucking idiot though...he's a jealous person too and I know that if I let soemthing happen our friendship would be over in less than 2 weeks. I'd rather keep him as a friend. With the way guys tend to think these days (well the ones that are worth it) it would be like being attached to a child. Not that that is neccessarily a bad thing, but it's not something I'm willing to deal with. Now, we'll see what happens cause I hope his attitude wont change towards me...only Thursday will tell.

Tonight I'm going to see an old friend from elementary school. We're going to go out for drinks a/f he's done school. So now that I've been eating well for the past two days, my work-out tonight will be awesome and I'll be full of energy for tonight. I don't think I even said bye to anyone on Monday a/f I almost killed myself...I was so fucking dead. This guy and a couple of other guys from my elementary school are in a band. I don't know if they have a lead vocalist yet...but I know that they've asked me b/f a/b it. Why does it seem that everything is part of master plan now? Maybe I'm just talking crazy.

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~