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2001-11-16, 9:49 a.m.: I fucked Ricky Martin...

Okay...so I lost that first entry, but it's okay...cause I'm just going to start over.

So I had this dream yesterday where I was fucking Ricky Martin. I must say it was a fucking awesome dream peoples. It was him right infront of me and I could feel every part of his porto rican tanned body. He was extremely child-like though in my dream...not as masculine as he can appear on stage. But, we kept getting interrupted and we had to keep switching rooms. It got to the point where crowds of people were coming in, rudely I might add, as if we weren't even there. @ one point (here's where it gets weird) he pulls out a knife and shows me this trick he knows where he can put the blade through his skin w/o even hurting himself. I watch and am obviously amazed b/c I can see the blade through the palm of his hand clearly. He pulls it out, now that I'm convinced and then I feel my left foot hurting me. I look down @ my foot and I have the same gash mark (two pierce marks from where the blade entered and exited) on the ball of my foot. I don't know how it ended...I just know that we fucked the shit out of each other.

I'm trying to keep rested today. I've gotta perform for my vocal coach tonight and I want to have all the energy I should while doing it. I didn't go out yesterday night, I went home and relaxed so that I would be feeling perfect for today. My c-oworker is away today again...she's caught the flu that her kids had and is probably in severe discomfort @ home. We're airing this place out, cause if I get sick I will have to fucking hurt somebody.

@ school yesterday I did a retouch for this woman. It came out perfect, and me being the damn perfectionist I am (usually)was so concerned that it would turn out that way. I was very impressed with the results. I also finished learning my layered cut and it also turned out amazing. My blow dry sucked shit though cause the front part of my manequins hair fell in her face. But that's easy to fix...I think I just got lazy.

So another thing is that my printer isn't working her and they said they'd call me in 10 seconds to get it fixed...well, it's been half and hour now. I think I'm going to have to go bug them again...wish me luck tonight.