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2001-11-15, 10:20 a.m.: friend from high school and IBIZA...

Good-fucking-morning! It's raining here...the girl I work with is sick, and I still have my period.

@ the gym yesterday, she worked us HARD again...I'm going to be severely sore tomorrow. And tomorrow I have to perform for my vocal coach. I better stock up on my ginseng. She wants me to show her my vision of myself performing. It's pretty easy for me cause I do it everytime I'm out dancing @ the clubs. It's been the same ever since I was little and dancing around in any open space I could find. Of course, singing while dancing is the hard part. My work-outs will pay off in more ways than one, I guess.

Thursday...Harry Potter opens tomorrow. It's going to be amazing seeing the mixture of adults and kids and not so adult adults all in one theatre.

Oh, I saw an old friend from high school, @ the mall yesterday. SHe works @ the music store and it turns out she parties huge. She won a 10,000 all paid trip to IBIZA last year. Lucky-fucking-bitch...we exchanged numbers and I'm going to give her a call so we can party together. She was in my music class, I remember her cause we got along well. She looks crazy different now...better...funkier...I like that!! And she lives really close to me too. She gave me the staff discount on my CD's. It was a worth while tri I took there. Fuck, I never go to that mall.

Anyways, I've gotta call my friend in Ireland right now...so we'll chit chat later...cioa!