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2001-11-14, 10:13 a.m.: Fucking, Wizards, and Witches...

Alright...my monthly bitch is visiting me this week and I'm horny as hell. Just three more days and I'll be free to fuck. I don't like having sex when she's here. I feel very raw and my insides feel vulnerable. You know, some cultures forbid sex for 7 days a/f a woman's period...probably due to this same reason, and what I experience.

I'm getting together with my ex b-friend on Saturday. We've got some important info to discuss. He said he was going to rent a room...so I'm totally expecting to fuck. I want to...I don't know if it's b/c we were together for so long, but we fuck so well together. The chemistry between us was always amazing. I want to go see Harry Potter too. I'm very excited a/b seeing that movie...brings you back to your childhood. Wizards and witches and majic...I love it!!


Fuck...a/f many pauses and phones calls I am almost dont this entry...it is now 11:50 am.

Everyone is away today so I'm stuck answering all the calls and shit. I'm a good multi-tasker..I must say.

Okay lets end this here...Ciao!