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Monday, Oct. 24, 2005, 1:20 p.m.: support...

OMG!!! I am so grateful that I have a solid and supportive fiance!!!! Seriously, my Mother is driving me freakin' mad with all her 'guilt tripping' and 'expectations' for what she thinks MY wedding should be like. We're opting for a smaller function b/c finances are tight for us @ the mo, but she's flipping her lid over it. I'm getting much better tho and not caring what the hell she thinks. I'm very lucky to have K. What's important to me is our bond and no wedding location can replace that for me. Plus we decided that it would be cooler to spend more $$ on our wedding rings, since we'll have them forever...lol. Trade off right?

We've decided on our color scheme and I have ALL these ideas in regards to decorating the place. It's going to be beautiful...I can see it in my head. The location we're pretty set on is this gorgeous room on the lake, with windows opening up to the water on the one side. It has a great feel to it and the water lends a very serene element to the place. It's not the nicest joint from the outside, but on the inside it can work really well with our ideas. I have faith in my vision of how it should look. It's going to be so much fun decorating!!!

Other than that, K lost his job @ the catering company. He's got another one lined up tho @ a Human Resource company. It pays much better and is more stable for us right now. So he's going to be on a 2 week trial and if they like him then he'll book a permanent spot there. Everything happens for a reason right? I was dissapointed @ first that he was fired @ the catering place, but this new job will allow more opportunities for us both. He can even manage his schedule better this way. He just has to prove himself in the 2 weeks...that's the goal now.

Acting has slowed a bit [outside of the wedding show] just b/c we've been so busy with this wedding stuff. I've been out to some auditions but still haven't secured anything concrete. We almost booked this play and then it got post-ponned b/c they couldn't find their final character. We've got school planned again for this up-coming Janurary...so that's a bonus. Things are moving very fast right now, b/f we know it April will be here and our wedding will be over. I'm hoping to make the best of the planning b/c that's the most fun for me. It's always the journey you know. Not to say that I wont LOVE the actual day, b/c I will, but that's the time we can really relax and enjoy all our hard-work.