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Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005, 1:42 p.m.: busted up...

Well, we did it. We all raised our $2000 and we got to walk the 60km, this weekend. You know, I never expected 60km to do that sort of damage to my body. I was literally broken by the end of the walk. On the first day we walked 35km and ended @ our camp ground, slept on the hard grass floor, woke up @ 5.30am and walked the remaining 25km on Sunday. My joints were so freakin' sore I thought I was going to fall apart right there on the trail. But, we all perservered and made it...and what an accomplishment. It was awesome to give myself like that for the cause. I'm very happy that I did eventually end up walking, even if I did say it 'wasn't really a/b that'. In a way it really was. The 60km walk was symbolic in showing the strength and courage we all have in over-coming obstacles. It was symbolic to the fight that so many women have to endure when they are faced with terrible diseases. Crazy shit, the weekend was, and so inspirational. I'm doing it again next year. This time K is coming with me. I took yesterday off just to re-gain my strength. I could barely walk and had to take naps here and there, but today I feel SO much better. I plan to go back to the gym tonight...hopefully that will work out as planned.