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Monday, Aug. 08, 2005, 4:26 p.m.: 6 more days and we're off to Vegas!!!!!

Well, my prayers have been answered...somewhat, in a round-about way. My parents have expressed their opinion that they don't want K and I to marry until we finish our schooling. Like seriously, what are we, fucking 12 years old here?!?!? ANyways, they have given us and altematum and said that if we choose to marry b/f we get our degrees then they wont help with the wedding, BUT if we listen to them and get married after we complete school, then they will pay for the whole shebam. Now doesn't that sound a little [and I'm being facetious here] like a bribe to you? So blah blah blah...this has solved my whole wedding crisis. If we pay for the whole damn thing on our own, even if it's going to be hard as hell, they can't bitch or complain a/b any part of it. Not that I should let the fact of their paying get in the way, if they did offer us funds, but still. It somehow makes it much easier on me. We looked @ this great castle we have in our city. They have a conservatory room that's circular in design and has huge gothic windows a/r the room AND a monster center glass window in the ceiling!! It's gorgeous and it will most likely be where we will be getting married. It's a pretty penny, but it's cheaper than the traditional wedding halls and we've cut our guest list down to a/r 100 people of only close family and friends who actually 'give a shit'. Both the wedding ceremony and the reception can be done in this room and there's a fantastic terrace that over-looks a garden that our guests can go out and mingle on. If we pull this off [which we will] it will be fucking beautiful. Oh and as far as the priest, minister, whatever is concerned...we're still going to talk to all our options b/f we decide.