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Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005, 3:58 p.m.: Happy New Year...

I think I have irritable bowel. The naturopath told me I did, back in January, when I went to see her. She gave me herbal pills to take when I ate anything to help my bowels, but I haven't started taking them yet. For the last few days, I've had this abdominal pain on my lower right side. It kills @ times and when I'm having sex, or anything is inserted into me, I swear it is SO painful. K has to manoveur a/r the area and make sure he doesn't hit it @ all, that's how much it hurts me. I went to the doc today and she said that it sounds like irritable bowel. So like, am I going to have to deal with this pain forever?! It really sucks man! She gave me the cup, to pee in. I have to take a piss in it, first thing when I wake up in the morning, and bring it to the lab after. I wont be able to do any of that until we get back Tuesday from the celebration of Persian New Years. I should probably start taking those pills, like pronto, like this weekend.

We leave tomorrow morning, to catch the bus to go see his family. It's Norouz, which means 'new day'. The first day of spring is referred to as the first new day of the new year. I can expect lots of visiting relatives and lots of yummy food. We will have to break our rule of eating junk food only on Sundays. Tradition says that we're to go and buy new outfits [if money permits] to wear during the actual celebration day [which falls on the Sunday this year]. It's symbolic of the new year and the ridding of all the old mistakes of our past year. So it's a time of cleansing. I'm all up for the shopping, that's for sure!!! LOL!! You're also suppose to clean your home, from top to bottom, to symbolize that as well. We missed the jumping over fire ceremony. I really wanted to chk that one out. Fire is a holy symbol and the jumping over fire is to celebrate this holy time, this time of renewal and rebirth. Cool huh? I love all the symbolism. All Persian ceremonies are so lovely... I'm in heaven.

Happy New Year everybody!!