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Monday, Nov. 29, 2004, 2:15 p.m.: long weekend...

We had a great weekend in Ottawa. First we drove to Montreal and spent the night there. We booked in one of the biggest and best hotels in the city, b/c he gets a discount with his past employer. He even got 50% off all the services in the hotel as well. The rooms were amazing, very beautiful and we enjoyed every second of it. It was our anniversary so we spent the evening in, after we grabbed a bite to eat @ the restaurant. We were so tired from the drive tho, b/c it took us more than 5hrs to get there, that we fell right to sleep soon after we gave each other massages. Of course, we made up for it in the morning beautifully and I was very happy that we took the night to rest. It was well deserved and perfectly placed too. Saturday we took time to explore the city and take in the architecture. We took alot of pictures and then stopped in to Old Montreal for a quick lunch. It was so good to spend time travelling and discovering new places/things with him. We felt like we were in Europe, with all the coble-stone roads, the shops, and the restaurants leaking their aromas for all of us to enjoy. It was very cool. As soon as we were done we drove for another hour back to where his Dad lives, in Ottawa. The remaining time we spent with them. We saw Alexander, my favorite historical figure, and it was fucking phenomenal. I loved it to no end...it was the best epic I've seen so far. I am bias though considering I have a soft spot for the man who conquered the most of the known world @ the age of 28. If there was one historical figure I would like to meet it would definately be him. That night we slept @ his parents place, in his old room, in separate beds. It sucked but we figured it better to respect their hospitality and not start fucking our brains out up there. His room is on the third floor and you can hear every creek or movement possible. We tried it and, even in an attempt to be quiet, it made too much noise, lol. I really love staying with him there. I felt like I was @ my best friend's place for a sleep-over we always have such a good time together. I always felt like I missed out on alot of my youth, just b/c my parents were overly strict. I almost grew up too fast. He, as well, has had quite the life and missed out on alot of his childhood. Together we're regaining what we lost, in each other. We're very cathartic for one another, along with being perfect. I love him so much. The next day we spent visiting some of his old friends, and his Grandmother. We left Ottawa @ a/r 7pm last night but didn't make it back to his palce until 2am so I just slept over there. I woke up and went to work straight. It worked b/c I had all my clothes and stuff with me. I was not going to drive home to my place @ that hour and plus I had missed slepeping on his chest, from the night b/f...so we had to make up for it. I slept so well. Today I came to work and found out that I had scored the part of the werewolf, in the film that we both auditioned together for. The email had been sitting in my inbox for the whole weekend and I eventually turned it down b/c it conflicted with time I had to spend with my sister. It wasn't a big enough production to make the effort in changing plans for my sister, so I passed. It also conflicted with 3 auditions next weekend that I really wanted to go to. A couple theatre ones that would be much more beneficial if I got them. I did get called back for the commercial I went out for on Friday too though. That would be some extra cash if I booked that one. Much needed for this time of year. Today it's back to work. I wrote my girlfriend and confronted her on her flirty behaviour with K, the other night. I figured if I let it go and she decided to continue then I would one day explode on her and our friendship would end. This way I'll give her the chance to explain herself and adjust how she acts a/r him b/f I have to take any sort of action. I thought it was really disrespectful how she was being and he felt uncomfortable with her too. It's not neccessary and she should chill. I don't like people touching him in that way, just like she wouldn't like me flirting and touching anyone she really cared a/b, in that way either. You know, I'm happy that he understands my possessive nature. It's good that we connect on that level as well. Makes my life much easier. I think that's it for now. I've got some other issues right now, but I'll leave that for another day. Cheerio.