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Thursday, Jul. 29, 2004, 9:52 a.m.: here I come...

Okay update here->I went out with one of the new guys last night. He took me to one of my fave restaurants. He's very fucking charming this one. He's always complimenting me, telling me how good I look...how put together I am and how much he loves that I take care of myself the way I do. I love how when we go out, he always does the ordering for me...finds out what I want and then I don't have to do anything more. Or when I said I wanted a glass of house wine, he wouldn't let me get it...he had to order a more expensive wine for me. Little things like that are making their way inside...little fucker that he is. Most importantly is that he's very sexual and is not afraid to ask for what he wants w/o being overly agressive with me. It bothers me when guys are intimidated by me, but just the same it annoys the fuck out of me if guys are over agressive with me. He's really fucking cool and we always have a great time together. Last night he was trying to get in my pants but I wouldn't let him. It's fun to tease him and he's not afraid of a challenge so, it makes it even better. It's even hotter b/c he has a serious effect on me too...we have really killer chemistry. And he's really in tune with me, in so many ways. I like him. He wanted me to meet him this morning @ the gym, but I was so tired that I had to cancel on him. I ended up waking up so late this morning and I am fucking tired as hell right now. Oh well, the last few days were worth it. Tonight I'll try to go to the gym and do shoulders like I was suppose to. And yum, I can't wait to finish my dinner from yesterday.

NY is approaching slowly but surely. We've secured a place in SoHo, I've been told. We have to pay a bit to stay there but considering we'd have to pay to stay anywhere, it's not too bad. The place though is apparently a hallway and two rooms...very small, but in one of the better areas. If I had more energy to show how excited I was, I'd probably explode. Crazy!!! I can't wait!! NYC here I come!!!