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Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2004, 12:27 p.m.: tail spin...

PRINCE concert yesterday baby!!!!! Fuck, that man put on a WAY better show than Madonna did...and for me to say that a/b my fave woman should tell you something. He just resonated his energy through the stadium...it was fucking awesome!!! Mind you, me and my girlfriend were pretty fucked. I had the best time with her though. It's been so long since we've actually been out together, just me and her, having fun the way we did yesterday. We were so in tune too with each other, everything I was thinking she'd say...it was pretty cool. I love when you're on that kind of wave length with people. Oh and this time I bought no concert memorabilia. I figured that the $$ I spent @ Madonna's was enough, although now that I think a/b it Prince deserved my money more than Esther did. That's her new Kabbalah name or some shit.

I took the morning off of work today. I got in a/r noon. My boss had a lunch meeting so I'm here all alone, but they're going to bring me some chicken fried rice back for me to eat. A/f yesterday I thought I would never eat again, but luckily my appetite has returned. I need the extra energy for the gym tonight...I've gotta go and spin. I forgo my whole shoulder routine yesterday b/c I wanted to be ready for the concert, so I'm going to make it up tomorrow. Then, I think, Saturday I'll do one last arms work-out and then I'm off to NYC baby!!! Woo-fucking-Hoo!!! I'm so going to try to conserve my money though b/c I now have plans to go to LA. So that means, save, save, save...conserve, conserve, conserve...plan, plan, plan. That's the Capricorn in me talking. My whole world is going up in a tail spin and I fucking love it!!! That's the Sagittarian in me talking there.