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Monday, Jul. 12, 2004, 9:43 a.m.: never ends...

So, I think I drank WAY to much this weekend. Friday night I stayed @ my friend's place for the night. A bunch of us all went out to the only gay bar in her 'city'...'town'...whatever. It was fun. I was playing pool and I'm usually so shit @ pool but for some reason I was kicking ass. The only annoyance was that my dyke friend was trying to set me up with this chick...that I was NOT into. Now I didn't get mauled or anything b/c the girl was so shy, it was sort of endearing actually, but like come on. Then she tried to guilt trip me into getting to know her...telling me that if it was 'so-n-so' I'd be all over it. I'm like 'yea, granted...I think THAT chick is hot...I'm NOT attracted to THIS one'. Anyways, I got away w/o getting molested but I had to deal with an animal crisis in the morning. Actually no, first my girlfriend who was sleeping in the bed with me was so drunk that, she thought she was sleeping alone, and was all over me. I CANNOT fucking sleep that way, so I left to go on the couch where, ontop of freedom, is was cool. Come morning though she walks into the room where I am and starts looking into the bunny cage, that's right @ the foot of the couch, and notices that he's dead. Fucking lovely. So then A, wakes up and freaks b/c her girlfriend is going to have an attack when she sees the dead bunny and tries to get rid of it b/f she has to see. A is not willing to touch the thing...she wants to just dump it into a garbage bag. Then I come in, b/c I'm the only one willing to wrap the thing and pick it up. I just couldn't watch her dump the poor little dead bunny into the bag. We didn't have a funeral or anything but he got into bunny heaven, I'm sure.

I spent most of Saturday trying to drink enough water so that the alcohols effects would wear off. Come Saturday night it started all over again. We went to chk out this new club that opened in the city. This place was fucking magical. I wanna work there now...it's so awesome. You walk in and you're walking through a hallway of glass with black lights shinning on you and then you finally make it into the actual club. Three floors of pumping music and each floor has a balcony so that you can watch everyone dancing on the first floor. The dance floors on the second and third floor are enclosed in huge glass windows, so you can be outside looking in but not hear the music until you actually open one of the massive glass doors. The bars are set up in hallways with lounge areas a/r the massive dance floors. The bars have 100 little t.v.s in the walls and are playing some Japanese animation flicks behind the bartenders...bartenders are beautiful. I fell in love with the chick behind the bar and she had a thing for me too. She did much more work than the pussy boys did trying to entice me so we stuck with her. As you walked through the place they had those flat screen t.v.s mounted on the walls of the hallways and the d.j. booth on the main floor was elevated and jutted out of the wall so they could look down over us all. We were all watching the d.j.s and just dancing for them and they kept looking @ us b/c we were a/b the only decent people in the whole place. Oh and the escalator, they had an escalator that took you up to the other floors, that kicked ass!!! The place was fucking killer but they need to build more of a crowd in there. It could be such a kick ass club, with the right clientele. It's seriously fabulous!!!! The guys were swarming us in groves [is that the right word?] only one with some potential though, so I gave him my actual phone number. When we finished up there we went to S's boyfriend's place to calm down, smoke some weed and just chill. He had a friend over who turned out to be this HOT Middle Eastern guy...yea, and we all know what that means for me? Weakness. He was a serious smooth talker but he didn't try anything on me. He was trying to get me to see the beauty of a woman serving a man theory...something I secretly adore but fight tooth an nail when a guy tries to tell me that that's what a woman should do. It's a weird paradox I have...it's how I test boys. He made it sound so beautiful though and I was like fuck, you know it's bad when a guy can make me NOT want to fight with him. He has serious control power. He's a bad boy though and THAT is a turn off to me, b/c I hate the stress S has to go through with her man...I would not deal with it. I could see him here and there though...not get too attached, if that could be possible.

Sunday was the best day of the weekend, weather wise. I was in love with the world on Sunday. I went to see this play with this girl I know. Not the cute chick, b/c she didn't get back to me in time, but this othe girl I met that I really get along with. I just wated to walk a/r all day, it was so hot out. We saw the play and then went for lunch and talked on a patio. By this point I had decided to stop drinking b/c I was so swollen that my water retention was making me sick to my stomach. I was downing water like I was in the desert. @ some point a/f we ate I decided I needed to get inside to the air conditioned places. I think it was the food that didn't help me either, it was pretty salty and fried...not good. Sunday night was a chilled night @ a friend's for dinner...we smoked and ate steaks and talked a/b how the world was going to shit. It was the perfect ending to the day. The theme really fit with the play I had just seen...it was funny that way. Oh and the steaks were yummy as hell. I just love being a/r people. I hope summer neve ends!