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Friday, Jun. 04, 2004, 9:49 a.m.: pipes...

I can't walk today. Why, you ask? Well, b/c all the muscles in my legs have pretty much seized up on me. Being off for a week really kicks your body into 'relax' mode, so when you do hit the gym again the pain is fairly fucking substantial. Last night I went and worked on biceps/triceps and a bit of chest. I still have the strength, which is cool. I notice though that my arms are getting bigger, so I'm thinking of lowering my weight and raising my reps so that I can tone what I've developed now. I don't need 'pipes' and I've already had somebody use that term on me. I'm a petite girl so 'pipes' are not really welcomed. I do like the fact though that everyone thinks I can beat them in an arm wrestle just by looking @ me...that's kinda cool.

I had rehearsal yesterday too, for my next film. We all met @ the directors place and went over some scenes...we're due to start shooting next weekend. I think I die off in the script on the weekend of the 20th...Father's day. I should get on memorizing though. Fucking goody goody had almost all our scenes down. She's a trained theatre actor so she's use to that I guess. I still have work to do on my character, so I don't want to get stuck in the script. I like to be spontanteous in my approach to the dialogue. I'm not very keen on rehearsals either, the only thing I appreciate a/b them is the interaction I get to do socially with the actors. It allows me to try out my specific characteristics on them to see how it feels. I'd prefer if we just met up, ate a meal and talked [in character mode even], rather than go over the scenes...but that's me. He tried to make us pizza and ended up burning the sht out of it. I was laughing b/c it looked as if he never cooked a day in his life.

Tomorrow I'm suppose to be doing some more promoting with the cast, for my other film. We're going to head down to the beach and harass people there. I can only stay for a few hrs, then I'm off. I like handing shit out to random people on the street...it's alot of fun for me. Much more fun than being @ some pretentious party and trying to make small talk, with some idiot you really don't want to talk to, just so you can give them your flyer. The spontanaeity of the streets in much more enjoyable. It's crazier and more fun...people don't expect it and that's the allure...rather than the party scene where everyone and their mother is promoting themselves like produce. Of course, we all know though that the party scene is where you must do it b/c there's much more potential to meet contacts there and blah blah blah. I'm much more creative than biz like. I've gotta work on that.