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Thursday, Jun. 03, 2004, 10:18 a.m.: talking it up...

I went and did my 'interview' last night. It's going to go up on the web-site, so make sure you chk it out. You'll get to see me in the flesh...raw and un-cut. Okay, that's a lie b/c it's going to be edited down and shit to promote the movie. Whatever though. So, I never got a chance to see the questions b/f answering them...I didn't chk my email in time...so I totally winged it. We did really well. He got alot of good stuff. It even made me laugh when he played some of it back. I must admit, I do amuse myself fairly often. While I was there his executive producer showed up, so I ended up going out with them to eat afterwards. This guy is a sports agent and long-time friend of the directors so it was interesting to hear what he had to say a/b things. Good guy...I like him alot. He had a crush on me too...which is always flattering. He's got alot of connections in the sportsworld. We were trying to convince the director to put us [the girls] in a men's mag, to promo the movie that way, b/c he can get us pic spreads in it. I don't remember the name of it exactly but it's like a Maxim [or however you spell it]. I'm going to be interviewed @ the Italian film festival sometime next week...should be exciting. I may get a clip up on the site too so that's another thing I can keep in a package for myself. The last interview I did hasn't been shown yet but when it is I'm going to hold on to it. I think I should just get a c.d. of all my stuff from him. What I really want though is an article in one of our big papers. I may work on that myself, a/f the fact, if they can't do it for me.

Today I have to leave work early and go rehearse for the next movie I'm doing. He wants to work with the camera today, just to see if we bump into any problems along the way as far as angles go. I personally think he should have had this all figured out already...makes me think he not very organized in this sense, maybe even a little amateurish. It's an Independant and he's an older guy but I don't get the same feeling of ambition that I got with my last feature. It's usally hit or miss with Independants though, so fairly expected I guess. I also figure I never got the part of the 18 year old drug addict in the short that was to be shot in Mexico. I haven't heard back from them, and that sucks b/c I think I would have had alot of fun on that shoot. Oh well...fuck it. It's cool that I'll get my summer to myself too. I have some other shit I need to finish up and this would be the perfect opportunity to get that stuff done. I'd also like to take some university courses too...get working on some sort of degree...so I can look into that as well. This June movie will be my last for a bit.

I was talking to a friend last night who likes to inform me in things a/b myself that he really has no way of knowing other than through his hunches. It's interesting how almost right on he is a/b me. We've only known each other for a short period of time and his educated guesses are pretty impressive. He's a smart guy...fun to talk to. He use to be an actor himself and still sort of dabbles in it, just for fun. His instincts are very good...he's probably a great actor....like myself...haha!