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Tuesday, Jun. 01, 2004, 1:57 p.m.: yes, yes they do...

Phone companies rape you! Actually every fucking company rapes you!!! I just bought a new cell phone today. My contract was suppose to be up this June, so that I could up-grade my phone @ no charge. Somehow though, the rules changed [mid-fucking-term] and it's now not valid until January. So since I had like the shitiest phone available to man on this planet, I decided to just fuck the last months and buy my time out. It ended up working out alot cheaper for me than if I was to go and buy the phone alone and hook it up that way. I got a cute little flip phone that conveniently has my initials on it too. Nice little gift for myself...and it didn't cost me all that much considering the rebate and everything that ended up applying for me. I almost bought clothes last night, on a whim, but managed to hold off all for this phone. It was well worth it b/c now I can get my hair done too. Don't ask how I rationalized that one to myself.

I woke up @ 5am this morning...had to take a massive piss. I'm always dying to pee in the mornings now. It doesn't even matter how much I drink the night b/f, it never fails, my bladder is full. The fact that I kept having this dream of me going to take a shower in some sort of dorm may have had a bit to do with the 5AM wake-up call. It was like the dream kept re-winding [kinda like the movie 'Ground Hog Day' with Bill Murray] and I was walking down this hall-way, and into the 'co-ed' showers, looking for the perfect stall for myself. The perfect stall ended up being one that had no door on it and was open to the public...the public being people who were wandering in and out of the 'room' b/c it was also an office too. I'm confused too...yes.

My girlfriend is working on a Vin Diesel movie today. I'm so fucking jealous b/c I love that guy. I don't know what it is a/b him b/c typically I'm not into guys that big. There's something a/b him that makes me just melt. He carries himself with such power, I would probably do whatever he asked me to do...that's the kind of attraction I have to him. He's not even particularly good-looking, in my opinion, but that voice soothes my whole being when I hear him. Which brings me to the fact that I'm dying to see his new movie...'The Chronicles of Riddick'. Fuck, what a hottie he is in that shit...with those killer eyes...and those strong hands a/r my neck. Did I just write that?! Uhm...yes, yes I did.