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Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2004, 9:13 a.m.: shot to shit, kinda...

My day was pretty much shot to shit yesterday. It all starts with people who have no consideration for anyone else's time but their own. I was suppose to do some adr [replacment voice] on a short I shot a little while back. My appointment was scheduled for 1pm and as soon as I got there the director informed me that one of the guys couldn't be there until 2pm, so we had to wait a bit. She bought me lunch and we chatted for a while and then @ 2 we headed to the sound room. Well, buddy never showed up until 3.30pm. In the first place I wanted to leave by 4pm, latest, b/c I had to get to the big 'media' thing downtown. But seeing as I would've had to go back another time and waste another possible 6hrs waiting for someone else, I decided to just stay and get it done and over with. Truthfully I wasn't really that up for the over-hyped media thing anyways. It was to address the opening of a new hotel and we were jsut going to be there to fill people in on the movie coming out, it's not as if we were going to be interviewed exclusively. I know I'm being pompous but I thought it was a bit stupid...and mabe that's just my ignorance talking, but that's how I felt. By the time I finally got out of the sound room I had a little time to eat dinner and then I had to be @ an audition, that turned out to be another fucking disaster. There were so many people waiting to be auditioned! The guy had a list, half the people had times and the rest were there b/c of an open call notice. I wasn't even on his fucking list and I had booked an appointment. I waited for a bit and chatted to a guy who I had just worked on another shoot with, but when I saw that some people had been waiting for 2hrs I decided to just bail. I was not in the mood to wait a/r. The only real thing I got accomplished yesterday was that we finished the sound for my lines...that's it.

When I was talking to the guy from this past weekends shoot, he told me that the director wants to extend our short into a 40min one. It's already been accepted into the Vancouver film festival apparently, our camera man has connections there, so he wants to get working on that once we're done this weekends final scene shoot. The only thing is that he got an email that describes all of this and here I am @ work and there's no sign of any email for me. So either, he's decided to cut me out of the thing, which doesn't really make sense considering I am the lead character, or he emailed my other account. I'm kind of confused though.

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