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Thursday, Mar. 04, 2004, 9:31 a.m.: brutal...

Is this rude or what?! Every morning I make the coffee here. As soon as it's done, if my co-worker hasn't yet got her cup, I make her one along with mine. The coffee pot is positioned right infront of her desk area, so I figure the least I can do while getting my own is whip her up one too. Well, this morning her friend comes in to see her. The boss is away and it's social gathering time for her, I guess. I'm in the front doing some early morning work and I can hear them yapping away already. I realize that the coffee is done and so I walk into her area to get my own to see that she has already made two...one for her and one for her friend!!! I'm thinking...oh, nice bitch. So I go and get myself a mug and I go and try to put some whitener in my coffee...we don't have cream. The whitener is empty!!! The chick fucking used it up in both THEIR coffees and didn't even re-fill the thing. So I slam my cup down and roll my eyes, and go to the kitchen to fill it up. But not b/f I notice that all the sugar has been used up as well and she didn't re-fill that EITHER!!!!!! Shocked @ the audacity of the situation I go and re-rill both the whitener container and teh sugar basket, and pour myself a cup of my OWN coffee. Like what the fuck is that shit?! Next time I use the last bit of whitener I'm leaving it for her to re-rill...and if I find it empty again, I'm going to leave it that way. Fucking rudeness!!! This is why I'm scared to live with anyone...I would be such a tyrant. Okay, now she's getting really irritated over there. I can hear her getting all angry and shit. What a/b, I don't know...she's talking in her language but she sounds pissed off. Fuck it's annoying!!

So, I'm very happy that it's getting warmer outside. I think we're going into double digits tomorrow. The only thing a/b that is that if March comes in like a lamb it will probably leave like a lion. The whole saying and shit, you know. We'll have to see how it goes. It would be great if spring just decided to get a move on it and fertilize those flowers already. I'm so sick of cold chilly weather...and I do not like rain very much. Sun showers I can take...love them...but rain when it's cloudy and over-cast does something shitty to my mood.

I went to this script reading session last night. It's where writers bring in their works and actors showcase them for a group of people. Gives the writers and idea of what their play or screenplay would sound like. Yesterday I was the narrator...so I had to read all the technical shit. Hate doing that crap though. I have compassion for the actors and I know how annoying it is to interupt the flow of a relationship with coming in saying soemthing like, 'Joey looks @ Wayne shocked'. I tried to work with the actors as best I could though, allowing them to flow through their dialogue, w/o interruption from me, if I felt they were on a roll. Sometimes though, the writer would get pissed and mouth my part for me. There's such a lack of respect there for the whole actors momentum thing. Then in the middle of the second play, I had to pee really bad. We're talking REALLY BAD...like I felt as if I was stuck in traffic and just praying that I didn't piss all over myself. I started bouncing a/r to try to take my mind of the fact that I felt like I was going to explode. When I couldn't take it anymore, I turned to the guy beside me and said 'I have to pee so bad right now'. It was @ a part in the script where the writer had music playing in between a scene, so he goes 'just run...there's music on'. I was like 'fuck yea, you're so right'...so I went up to the writer and apologized and said I had to leave for a second. I ran to the washroom and back and hadn't missed much. When I went to read again though, I was all out of breath and sounded like I had just been running a marathon. Lesson learned? Don't drink a coffee and a bottle of water and NOT take a piss b/f sitting down for an extended period of time, when you really shouldn't be getting up until what you're doing is over. Brutal.

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