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Wednesday, Mar. 03, 2004, 10:59 a.m.: girlies...

I got my monthly friend visiting me today. I must not have been taking my pills properly, b/c it came just now full force. Usually I don't cramp which is great b/c when I wasn't on the pill I use to have such bad abdominal pains that I would want to stab myself to alleviate them. I'm not happy a/b this sudden 'rush of blood to the head' though...pun intended. This throws my whole cycle off now.

Did I mention yesterday that my boy got called into one of the biggest agencies in town?! I was so excited when he told me. It's the one that I've wanted all along...the one that we've always dreamed of getting signed with. He sent his stuff into them and they called him up...they were impressed with the fact that he is also American. It's also awesome that he got the call w/o any referral from anyone. Hopefully, my new pics and my up-coming classes with get me into their office too. They've always been my goal agency. I'm so happy for him and he's very happy too. I love it when he's happy.

The director, of the last feature I shot, called me last night tot ell me that he has my scenes on tape for me. e edited them and cleaned them up for me so that I could use them for my demo. I'm so grateful to him for doing them for me...I just hope [hope, hope] that they turn out well enough to really showcase me. He said that some of it still needs color correction but that the acting is solid and it shows my talent favorably. I mean, that is the most important part of it...plus when I give it to my boy to transfer it for me I think he can fuck with it to, if need be.

I went out with two of my closest girlfriend's last night. We had dinner and wine and just talked and reminisced a/b our younger days. Nights filled with drugs and dancing and all the other whacked shit we use to do back then. The fucked up people we use to hang a/r with. We're really lucky to have had each other watching out for one another during those times. Even if we were all fucked up and mashed, we had this maternal instinct for each other that kept us bonded. No matter what crazy shit we got involved with we were always there to bail the other out. Good times those were...good and bad. I distinctly remember though that evertime I was fucked all I wanted to do was take all my clothes off. To this day, when I get really mashed or drunk I start to strip down. I wonder if it has anything to do with freeing myself from material things. I think it does and I think @ the heart of it all I feel sexy and free naked. I want to go dancing now!! Anyways, I'm in love with my girlfriends that's for sure.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx