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Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2004, 3:28 p.m.: v-day...

Kinda a late update, but I was so tired yesterday that I could hardly do anything...let alone what I was suppose to do here @ work. My V-day turned out to kick ass. I wasn't expecting it to be anything but a fun night out of dancing...fuck was I wrong. I got to the club and I was anticipating my baretender boy, of course. I think he saw me as soon as I walked in and I definately saw him. I didn't go up to see him right away though, I was excited but not that eager. When I finally did go see him @ the bar though...everything changed. Almost instantly I wanted to jump over and eat him alive. He was obviously hapy to see me that night. This time he went further with me and came out onto the dance floor to say hi. As soon as I saw him we practically swarmed each other. He asked me what I wanted for Valentine's day and I told him that I wanted him...naturally! A.f a little bit he had to go back behind the bar but he told me he'd come back to see me. A little later I noticed him standing, watching me, @ the side of the bar and then move out closer to where I was. I was impatient and so I went over to him like he wanted me to. This time we started dancing together and that got very fucking hot. This boy was a good dancer, and the rhythm we were keeping was a definate indication of how we would mesh in bed. I kept sticking my ass in his lap and he was being rather reserved with how he was [or rather wasn't] touching me with his hands. I started moving his hands to where I wanted them and when it got a bit too heavy he went back behind the bar, claiming that I was going to get him fired. It was intense and I kept him @ the bar with me so that I could give him my number. I had the feeling that whoever his girlfriend was was not in the picture anymore, or something serious was up so. We ended up hooking up later that night/morning...he drove down to my area and we ended up fucking in his car. I teased him the whole time...made him think he wasn't going to fuck me...just to keep it exciting. It was different having him there with me, in the flesh, with no boundaries in the car. He noticed that I was different too and it was b.c the challenge was over and I was kinda sad a.b it. I had him and there was nothing left to wonder so I decided to make it more interesting. It was fucking amazing though...we connected extremely well sexually and he was so sweet to me. This one would be serious trouble for me...and he says I'm trouble. Every way he handled me was perfect...it was quite surreal to finally experience him. This boy would make me his sex slave, I swear. The cute thing was that he thought he was seducing me, when I knew I wanted him from the first night I saw him, and even through his naievity I still found him hot as fucking hell. That doesn't happen often...usually I know I'm fucking with a guy and it makes me think less of them. I don't know if I'll ever see him again. I'm not going to go back to the club for a long time...too much of this one could drive me batty I think. I'm just too drawn to him. He has my number so if I'm as ingrained in his mind as he is in mine...he'll call me. Otherwise I have to stay away. The funny thing a.b him is that I had this feeling he was an aries, based on how in tune we were with each other, right from the beginning, and then it turned out he actually was a damn aries. I'm not heavy duty into horoscopes but I do check them out and I see some of the truth in them. I remember reading a long time ago a.b the aries male and I said 'this is the perfect guy for me', so I had this gut feeling a.b it. Doesn't mean shit of course, I could never see him again...but I know what I feel and that was some serious chemistry we had going on. I could be content always having this boy in the back of my mind though, just as a crazy/beautiful experience/memory. I'd be happier though if we bumped into each other some day down the road...that would prove to be a perfect ending to the movie like encounters we've had with each other so far. I will never forget that little fuck! Hope you enjoyed my toned down version of the whole night. I thought a.b it though and I have to stop this trend I've got going on here. It's not very healthy...fun as HELL [stress that word..haha]...but not healthy @ all.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx