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Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2004, 4:03 p.m.: heavy...

I just bumped into a client here who use to be heavy into the acting scene. He did it from the time he was 17 until he was 30 and he gave me the speech again a.b how hard the road is. He also gave me some new info on how to move my way into the professional scene faster. He's got alot of contacts still in the industry so he said he would help me out. He could be my blessing in disguise.

On a more depressing note, I went to a fuenral today. My girlfriend's father passed away on Saturday. It was a pretty big shock to everyone...there were not real signs that his time was coming. It's even more fucked for me b.c he was only 2 yrs older than my own Dad. I don't think she's handling it as well as she's pretending to be. I'm kinda worried. I'm going to go back and see her later tonight, to keep her company and shit. I would be a definate basket case in her situation, but now I'm trying to be strong for her.

I'm tired as hell today. I tried to sleep in this morning b.c I had the day off, but I should know by now that the 'sleep in' is NOT for me. When I'm up, I'm up and there's no point fighting with my body b.c I pay for it later. So for practically the whole day I'm all drousy and shit, feeling like I'm high. No point I tell you. A.f the funeral I went to an audition that I drove 20 mins to get to, that lasted only 2 mins. I was SO pissed but of course, being as tired as I am, I didn't have the energy to waste on anger. What a damn waste though. What can you tell in a 2min audition?! Tell me.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx