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Tuesday, Feb. 03, 2004, 9:51 a.m.: snow snow go away...

Snowing again today. Wet snow this time. Oh ya, it's really nice. The furry little groundhog saw his shadow yesterday which means it's 6 more weeks of winter for our sorry asses. Lovely. I can't wait. The worst thing a.b it though isn't the cold, b.c it's actually pretty nice out considering. It's the fact that traffic is slower than ever today and I have an audition I have to go to in the city. I got stuck in 2 feet of snow last night when I tried to park @ my friend's place and I think I'm stuck again in some snow where I'm parked right now. Which means I'm going to have to do the spin the tire thing and rock the car into momentum bull-shit. I probably lost 5lbs doing it yesterday for fuck sakes!! I do hope to move to somewhere warm @ some point in my life.

I've been dying to go dancing for a while now. I think the girls and me are going to make it for this w.e. It's been way too long over-due...seriously. I just want to go out and get a little drunk [not alot, b.c. I can turn into a bad drunk...not pretty @ all...more like dirty, vulgar, depressive and angry...one or all of those]. Enjoy the night, get lost in the music and not worry a.b. flirting w guys for no good reason. I'll be sure to tell you all a.b it.

Hey, it fucking stopped snowing!!

<3 ~CAT~ xXx