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Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2003, 9:34 a.m.: wrapped...

I am completely exhausted today. I think my brain is still in working order, but my body is ready to give way on me. I went to the gym last night and the chick did SO many reps of everything. I'm talking arms [every part of them], legs [again, every part of them], ass, abs. Just over and over...continuously beating us into submission. When I was hanging my ass over the step, balancing on my upper back with a body bar across my hips, dropping and raising my ass...I felt like I was finishing a session of sex. It's the only thing that kept me going there. Working out is very sexual to me, as is almost everything. But, this move was especially erotic. Normally I can take the pain, just ride it and enjoy it but last night was another story. @ one point my body temperature just dropped on me and my lips were so cold. She shocked my whole body...it was fucked. Now today, my poor body has decided to resort to slow motion. I have a feeling too that I'm fighting the on-set of the flu, so that's probably taking up another shit load of my energy. I need some fucking rest...some serious fucking and some rest.

My Mother keeps trying to get me to get the flu shot. I have never gotten the flu shot b/f. Personally I think it's useless b/c it only covers one strain and the flu comes in a zillion different strains...so you aren't neccessarily being protected @ all. To top it off, your body doesn't learn to build up resistance by itself and that scares me most of all. I feel like it makes you more susceptible. If anyone has more insight on this...fill me in, please.

So all my Xmas shopping is almost finished. Two more gifts and I'm done. I've wrapped everything and already put the stuff under the tree. And I have two rolls of paper left, soooo...I can use it for next year, I guess. Not much variety in color though, of the gifts wrapped this year. It's all in red and while I LOVE the color red...it's been a little over-done, if I do say so myself. Oh well. Merry fucking Xmas!!

<3 ~CAT~ xXx