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Monday, Dec. 01, 2003, 10:20 a.m.: LUSH...

X-mas shopping this weekend. Yes, I've got almost all of it done. Tonight I'm going to finish up @ the greatest shop ever known to man...LUSH. I could live in there, as long as they had a bath and shower in the back room. Seriously, it's so amazing! I love the smell of almost all of their stuff. You should really chk it out. A few lucky people on my list will be experiencing the beauty of that store this year. The only thing I really dislike a/b this time of year is the fact that the malls are insanely busy...so much so that I am literally rushing through there with no other thought but what I have to get.

Other than that, I had a great audition experience on Saturday. I went out for this comedic feature and I had the writer laughing as I did my scene. Now, the self-centered me says I delivered it with such comedic effect that he had to bust out laughing. The self-centered him tells me that he laughed b/c he wrote the thing and got a kick out it. Ehhh, let's go with a little bit of both. We both deserve some egotstical leeway for jobs well done.

I'm dying to see 'ELF'! It looks so fucking funny and it'll put me right in the X-mas spirit. It snowed for a/b 10 mins a little while ago. I thought we were going to get 10cm by the end of it, but it just stopped dead. North of us is suppose to get anywhere from 25-50com today, which is great for them and great for me too...b/c it's far away from me. I like snow, but not too much of it. No thank you. That's it...I've got nothing to say today.

Love, CAT xXx