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Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2003, 9:20 a.m.: psychic...

So, I'm going to be a Vampire in my next project. They called me yesterday to let me know. I kinda knew already, leaving the audition, that I had the part. For starters, the woman waiting with me was in for the role of my Mother. She had no lines though, they just needed her for a picture and she totally looked like me with the dark hair and everything. Then when I went in and did my read I was asked to turn my part into a comedy as a last request by them. When I did I had them all laughing and the girl [who turned out to just be a friend sitting in watching] walked me out she said how she was trying to hold herslef back from busting out laughing. I knew she'd go back and tell them how funny she thought I was and I knew that would leave a good impression on them. That as well as the fact that I did my original read very emotional and I fit the picture they were looking for. Those types of parts were designed for me. I just want the fangs!!!

I drove up north again yesterday, waited for 3 hrs b/f shooting and then ended up missing my acting class and an audition. I also missed the wrap party for a show I did a while ago that aired last night on t.v. too. On my way up I had to pick up another cast member. Turned out he's a parole officer and counsellor. I thought he was going to be a weirdo but he ended up beign very interesting to listen too. He use to deal with rapists and child molestors which I'm sure is one hell of a thing to have to do. I kinda felt connected to him in a way though, b/c I understood his detached demenour. I mean, I would be interested in dealing with the criminally insane or sexually deviant and when I consider it I know how I would have to be. The most fucked up thing though a/b the night yesterday was when I went into the basement of the house we were filming in and realized that it was the scene of a dream I had had 2 nights earlier. It was pretty fucked up, considering my dream was very twisted. Psychic, maybe so.

Love, CAT xXx