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Friday, Oct. 03, 2003, 9:04 a.m.: Hmmm...

It's funny when I get audition times e-mailed to me and I don't even remember what the production is a/b. It can get a bit hectic. I usually keep notices in a seperate folder, but the odd time I've written the audition notice down somewhere and when I get a response I can't remember what the hell it's a/b anymore. It just happened to me and so now I have to go to this Saturday audition and completely wing it...which I have no problem doing, 'cause I find that that's when the most natural performances come out anyways.

Last night I shot one of the scenes for my most current production. I was outside for only an hour and I was so fucking cold that the crew was running to get me blankets and gloves. I thought my fingers were going to freeze and fall off! I couldn't believe how the temperature just dropped like that. This Sunday we're shooting another outside scene and I'm definately going to come prepared for that. Snow suit for shits sake!!! Fuck, my nose was dripping and my hair was blowing a/r like crazy. I was surprised that everyone was saying how good it looked b/c I felt like shit. I just hope their standards of 'good' is up to par with mine...otherwise I'm going to scream.

Oh, and more good news...I booked another role too. The director called me up to tell me yesterday. For this one though I have to do a make-out scene with another chick. She better be attractive otherwise they can lick my ass...seriously. Okay, that was over-dramatic. I haven't been in a situation yet where I didn't like the person I had to be 'close' with, but I'm dreading it b/c I don't know how I'm going to react. I know I'll just get on with it, but I'm wondering what kind of extra feelings I'm going to experience inside. I guess it would be interesting enough.

I'm kinda pissed today. The new co-worker here was drinking last night...excessively...and I seem to be the only one that can tell. My boss has hired his brother, to try and help him out of a bad situation, and it seems that he's going to be falling back into his old habits sooner than later. It sucks too b/c my boss can't see it...right noe, @ least he can't. Me, on the other hand, can pick it up w/o even looking @ him. Everything a/b his behavior is slower today and more hesitant...and he's slow as it is. I don't have a good feeling a/b this shit.

Love, CAT xXx