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Friday, Sept. 12, 2003, 9:30 a.m.: crazies...

I had my final shooting night, for the feature last night. The location ended up being an hr out of the city, so I had to drive again out of my way. Thank fuck we get re-imbursed for our gas!! So the first incident I encounter is a family of crack-heads @ a gas staion. I had stopped in to fill up and to wait for a friend I was picking up. As I pull in I see a beat up old station wagon parked a/b 3 metres away [parallel] to a set of pumps. I immediately pull up to the empty pump and park beside the last pump in line, 'cause that one had my fuel type. As I'm doing this the cracky woman is coming back from inside the gas staion to her car and she's waving her hands a/r as if she's bitching @ me. I assumed nothing was wrong and kept on my way. Then I notice that her husband is now motioning to me too. So I get out of my car and as I do he pulls a freak out on me...telling me that he can't believe that I didn't notice he had run out of gas and telling me how rude I was to steal his pump. I was like buddy, you can just as well pull up to the pump infront of me and use it too, as soon as you get a little gas in your piece of shit car!!!! So they continue to bitch and moan a/b how ignorant and rude I am...and I'm screaming back @ them, b/c this famliy of cracked up fucks are so delerious it's hurting my head!!! Finally, they pull away...still bitching...and their 14 yr old daughter [who was in the back seat of the car the whole time watching this] looks back and gives me the finger. So, I stick my tongue out @ her...giving her some nice rude tongue action. Sure enough, the little bitch tells her crack-head parents and they stop the car and back up to me again. By this point I'm like...'what the fuck do you want now, you've got your gas...get the fuck out of here'!! Buddy starts calling me a faggot and I'm laughing @ him. Then the guy pumping gas beside me goes...'are you talking to me buddy'...and crack father goes 'no I'm talking to that faggot'...pointing to me. I was furious with adrenalin but we were all laughing @ the absurdity of this family. Finally they decide to drive away. The fucking people I encounter make me laugh...completely irrational. Now, I know what I looked like when I used to get all riled up over nothing. It's a sad, disgusting, and fucking funny sight!!

So, we end up getting to the shoot by 7pm...don't start shooting till 8...and I didn't finish till 1am. By the end of the night, I had only greasy chinese food in my stomach and it was making me naseaus...I could hardly stand anymore. Everything was bothering me, the lights, the sound of people's voices, the look of food. I drove back home with the friend I brought up and I'm so glad I did. I almost passed out on the road driving b/c I was so worn out. Luckily I had him beside me b/c @ one point he looked over @ me, to see my eyes almost shut, and he yelled...'girlfriend, either open your eyes or pull the fuck over!!!'. I managed to get home in one piece and then I crashed in my bed. They're planning a fundrasier in the end of September to raise some more money for the film, and some people are performing for it. I may do a dance number, but only if I have enough time to choreograph it and put something awesome together...otherwise, fuck it!!

I found out today that John Ritter passed away last night. Can you believe that?! I mean, I use to love that guy and he was so young...I just can't believe that he's dead. I was shocked to shit when I heard it on the radio this morning. Crazy shit!!!

Love, CAT xXx