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Monday, Aug. 11, 2003, 9:44 a.m.: where is the love?

So I got the part I wanted!!! I get to go away to film this one too. It's going to take a/b 3 weeks to get finished, so I get a bit of a vacation out of it as well. Tonight I get to meet the rest of the cast @ our first cast meeting. I hope most of them are cool, @ least! Considering I'll be away with them @ a cottage for the duration of this whole thing. So that got me pretty excited!!! Right now I'm working on 6 projects. It gets a bit confusing trying to keep track of it all, but I know it's all up there in my head...somewhere. Oh, and of course I keep it in my journal too.

M.R. leaves today, for 2 1/2 weeks of filming himself. I'm going to miss him... we talk like every day. @ the same time, I think we needed the time apart. We were all confused with each other last week. Hopefully this can straighten both our heads out. I wanna see if he's gonna fuck a/r with anyone, while he's away...or get really close to someone else. Same goes for me of course, while I'm away. He can if he wants, you know, and so can I...even though I don't want to. We'll see how this ends up now, wont we?! I feel like dancing...I'm in serious need of a nice party!!! Too bad I'm too fuckign busy for that for the next while. The gym will have to do.

Love, CAT xXx