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Wednesday, Jul. 09, 2003, 9:35 a.m.: exciter day...

I seriously cannot sleep in when I've just finished spinning. I was up @ 6:30am this morning...in bed by 12pm last night. I was over @ my girlfriend's place and we were watching Depeche Mode...the Exciter tour. Brought back some memories. She was always a die hard DP fan, like an obsessed fan, whereas I just liked their music. I never experienced Dave on stage though and I must say that he is quite amazing to watch. He has alot of dark energy fighting to be released and it just all explodes on stage. I was enthralled!!

I have alot of shit to do today. Oh ya, it turns out that my girlfriend [the one who got the part in the film, when I didn't] turned her part down. Now, I see that the director is searching for 2 characters still, hers being one of them. Yes, I'm still a tad bitter. I also just got a break-down for another film, being shot in the end of August, where I can totally fit @ least 2 of the character profiles. So hopefully... *crosses fingers*. I have to go out and get copies of some pics I have of myself, that better suit the charachter, and then I'm going to drop off my package to them. I've also been sending out new 'update letters' to my chosen agents. This is going to build up to an eventual new full package send-out in August. I'm not that pissed that I don't have an agent yet, but almost everyone else I know does and so I need to step up my situation here. Shit!!

Love, CAT xXx