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Monday, Jul. 07, 2003, 9:31 a.m.: great w/e...

Like every 10 mins my pussy is pulsating. It started yesterday when I was with M.R. and now everytime he pops into my head [or rather us together pops into my head] I get this surge of energy through my kitty cat. I'm trying hard not to let it distract me too much, but it sometimes doesn't work. There's alot of fucking fire between us, in many respects...it's really beautiful. He is my match. He came by and told me he had brought my beladed b-day present with him. He gave me his keys and told me to open his trunk. I was immediately fucked b/c I had seen this play out in my mind exactly like this [with the keys and shit]. I opened it and inside was a dvd player. I was shocked, embarassed, and happy all in one. I didn't even know how to react...it was so fucking adorable. I ended up hugging him and practically squeezing him to death...he makes me want to do that to him all the time. I literally felt like a little girl, I was so giddy. He makes me very happy...it's nice.

I went to see this awesome play on Saturday. Extremely creative and very well done. They pulled off set changes w/o moving anything in or out of the space...and they did it all with only music playing. Pretty much incorporating it into the story line, through actions. I was impressed. The only shitty thing was that it was so hot in the little theatre, that it was held in, that we were dying of dehydration. O.k. that's a bit over-dramatic but it was very fucking hot, and sticky out too. No air-conditioning...just a few fans a/r. The actors looked like they were really suffering. I guess that's their job though.

Saturday night I went out with the girls to this club. It sucked ass!!!! The energy blew and I wanted to hurt everyone there. I also felt like I was much older than the majority of the people dancing. I never feel like that! So, it must have been bad. Ontop of sucking, I was wearing these killer high heels that I couldn't dance in. Since I was drinking a bit I could hardly stand up. We ended up leaving early and going to get food. Waste of a night's dancing that was. I need my boots to dance in...they're so much more comfortable. I guess though it didn't really mattaer cause I was with my girls and that was cool enough in itself. We still need to find ourselves a new club to party @.

Love, CAT xXx