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Thursday, Jun. 12, 2003, 9:51 a.m.: for once...

I saw Cold Play last night with one of my girlfriends. It was an amazing show...to say the least. I love when bands have elaborate light shows...it heightens the experience so much more. I had been filming all day and I barely even made it to the show, cause it ran so late. I was a little surprised @ how unorganized this group was. I showed up for a 10:30am call time and we didn't start shooting until 1pm. By the time I actually got to the concert, I was so fucking hungry, I could have eaten the person beside me. My girlfriend started drinking alcohol as soon as we got there. By the end of the night she was screaming so loud @ the band, cause they weren't playing her favorite song. Then she goes and cracks her heel on the ground and busts it off her boot. I was laughing my ass off!! It was so damn funny! It's just one of those embarassing moments that you know would make you howl with laughter to get over the feeling of how stupid you'd look. I would have taken my shoes off and walked bare foot, but this girl goes and walks on her toe to mask the fact that she has no heel...which just made me laugh harder. It was hilarious!

Tonight I have a night off. Except for the fact that I have to go and buy a Father's Day gift for me Daddy. Come to think of it, I also have to buy gifts for 3 other people too. I love getting people presents, wrapping them up, and giving them to them. It's one of my most favorites things to do...one of.

I never got a chance to mention that my parents finally got to meet M.R. this Monday. They were impressed...fuck, I was impressed! Impressed with how well they got along. I thought for sure there would be serious tension, but there wasn't. There was alot of nervousness though. I was a little rigid, first off. He was nervous as hell @ first but then he relaxed a/f a bit. My Mother was cooking so we all sat down to eat together. My Dad and him talked, he told them stuff I hadn't even heard yet. It was pretty surreal actually. My sister met him too and said it was freaky b/c we look so much alike. I'm just happy that that is over with. Talk a/b stress. I still get weird, cause they usually have something wacked to say a/b everyone. It was nice, for once, you know.

Love, CAT xXx