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Tuesday, Jun. 10, 2003, 10:08 a.m.: change...

It's been a very long w/e for me. I finished up another film yesterday. I shot it straight through the whole w/e and I had so much fucking fun doing it. I played this prison chick...which is going to look so good on my reel, b/c it's so different. This project was awesome both in the way it was filmed and in the benefit it's going to provide me with...in terms of range. It really shows me from a totally different aspect and I loved that! People are ususally very narrow-minded and tend to only see what's right infront of their faces. I mean that most people form certain judgements a/b you as soon as they see you based on what you wear, etc. I tend to get pigeon holed as soon as I walk into a room...usually has something to do with sex. But then I can't complain b/c I've had some pretty varied stuff lately too, so I should be greatful. Anyways, I can't wait to get this thing on tape so I can use it. Tomorrow I've got another one to shoot in the morning. I'm a fucking nurse in this one.

My hair is puffy today. I'm trying to grow it out, but what seems to be happening is that it's growing outwards instead of downwards. Okay not really, obvioulsy, but it looks so fucking stupid right now. I have to sleep on it to get it to look really straight. I bought this flat iron from Shoppers but it sucks shit!!! So I wasted $30.00 on something that I might as well throw in the garbage. I have to buy one of the professional ones so that it really flattens the shit out of my hair. These Shoppers gadgets are ridiculous!! Never again! I'm so bitching a/b trivial stuff right now.

So by the end of this week I will be moved into my new place and my new office space as well. It's going to be awesome. I really like change...gives you a whole new perspective, ya know. I saw my new work space and it's beautiful. I've got two huge windows that let so much light in...and we all know how I NEED the light. Without it I start to go a little crazy nad I get very depressed. So this is really nice. There's something I wanted to write: Oh ya!

I saw the movie 'Secretary' yesterday night with M.R. A little too hot to handle @ some points...I never did get to finish it. It was very funny though. I took comfort watching these two dysfunctional individuals deal with their every day lives...or take comfort in each other. I was quite amused. I'll have to watch it again.

Love, CAT xXx