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Friday, May. 02, 2003, 9:09 a.m.: today...

Well I had a great night sleep, but this shitty ass weather has me feeling very sluggish. I guess the fact that I just ate two McD's hashbrowns didn't help. Oh well. I was just discussing it with the girl I work with and she was saying that McD's raised their prices. We decided to boycott and start going to Burger King...apparetnly their shit isn't as greasy. Notice my use of the word 'shit'?

Yesterdays auditions were hilarious. The first one I had was all improvised. I tried out for two parts and @ some points I was mixing up my characters. I was making everyone laugh the whole time and that was a good thing. I figure even if I don't get the part, I did make a big impression on them and that's good enough for me. I was trying to explain the technical aspects of how to run a web-site, and I'm just completely technically challenged, so it sounded very funny. I'll find out by today if I have the part and then we'd be filming on Sunday. The only thing a/b it is I'm dying my hair today to finish a shoot tomorrow and the color may not be what they want on their 'character'.

Tonight I'm going to watch my little sister in a production of Annie. We're all going to go out for dinner and then we go see her. I'm going to pick her up some flowers for a/f to give her. I haven't seen her all week cause I've been so busy. I want to make sure she's happy. Okay, it's really busy so I'm off.

Love, CAT xXx