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Monday, Apr. 21, 2003, 9:34 a.m.: time and a half...

Well, that was a long w/e...that's for sure! It started on Thursday night and I've done so much in that time that it feels like a week has passed. Thursday I left early to get to an audition and it turned out I had the wrong address. I met up with M.R. and we looked for 45 mins, trying to place this audition room. It was ridiculous!! When I e-mailed the director on the Friday and told him/her [I'm not sure which yet] what happened and where I was, I realized that I had the wrong adress. It was fine, b/c I got another spot this Thursday and this time I'm getting the exact adress for the place!! Lucky though, b/c usually they just write you off like you bailed on their audition. So maybe this is a sign and I'll get the part? Who knows!!

That night, a/f I spent the early part of the evening with M.R. where we had a really good time, I went to meet some friends @ a bar for a bit. Then I went down to meet some other friends @ this local Goth club, where my girlfriend had a heart-attack when she walked inside. It was hilarious b/c she can be so irrationally startled sometimes. She settled down a/f a while [or should I say, a/f a couple drinks] and then we all went to get food @ like 3am. See it's been really bad for late night food recently. It's one of the reasons I dislike going out so late, b/c I always end up stopping to munch with everyone. I have no will power against food once I've been drinking. My friend told me he gets on guest lists @ all the fetish parties, to which he doesn't usually go to, but he's gonna bring me next time. I'm gonna bring M.R. with me...if he lets me.

It was fucked though, b/c we were suppose to hook up Friday and he never called me back. I left him a message in the early afternoon and he still hasn't called me. It's completely unlike him which makes me think that maybe something happened, but @ the same time I have this ounce of insecurity that tells me he stiffed me...to which my pride kicks in and tells me not to find out what happened until he contacts me. Yup, that's how it is. Saturday we [the dancers and I] had planned on showing our sequence to the director. This is starting to piss me off b/c he always has some reason why it doesn't work out and it's usually put on my head. Like, I didn't give him enough notice [by phone] when I clearly e-mailed him the time and directions... or this or that. I told him I'd see if everyone could do it today [not thiking that it was a work day] and well, I found that either someone works or they're studying for exams. Add on the fact that I have to work my schedule [and all our schedules] a/r the gym time, b/c I'm using their space to do this in...and you almost have a no win situaiton. And all this guy does is sit back and expect me to do everything...doesn't seem right. So I never called him yesterday to give him the news, cause it was Easter and I was with my friends and family...so he can go fuck himself! I am going to have to call him up today and tell him that we have to push it again and if he doesn't like it well he can , again, go fuck himself!! Saturday night a couple girls and I decided to go to this 'closing gala' for a local independant film festival. We didn't know what to expect, cause we've decided we're just going to head to all of them from now on. It turned out to be in this WAY too hot auditorium that had no seating area for us, once we got there, and we were boiling to death. They were showing a film that was like an old style Kung-fu movie and they had dj's spinning the soundtrack and the dialogue. It was a great concept...they had hip-hop tracks mixed in there where it looked like the actors were saying the lyrics...it turned out to be pretty funny. We had to leave though b/c it was just too hot and the other two I was with did not appreciate the creative ideas presented there. Two against one. Anyways, we left and got our money back which was alright. Again we headed out to a bar and drank...fuck, too much drinking for fuck sakes!!

Sunday was Easter and my family always does the Easter thing @ their place. So we had family over and I invited friends and it was really nice this year. A/f we all ate we went for an hour walk to work off all the food we had eaten. We finished walking right when it began to pour down rain hard...it was perfect timing. The rain was coming down in pellets and in crazy abundance. It was totally unexpected! So unfortunately a/f we all ordered pizza, which totally defeated the purpose of walking, but whatever. It was yummy!! Bringing me to today where I really shouldn't even be here b/c it's really marked down as a holiday on our schedule. My 'boss' needed me though, so I'm here till 2pm. @ least I get time and 1/2.

Love, CAT xXx