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Thursday, Apr. 17, 2003, 10:19 a.m.: want it all...

Cha Cha!! Somebody told me yesterady that Christina in her video 'Fighter' reminded them of me. I haven't seen it yet, but I kinda like the chick. Now, if he had told me that I reminded him of her in her 'Dirrty' video, I would have been a little insulted. I don't want to be giving off THAT vibe to everyone...ya know. Only specially selected. I was also told that I look more Italian with my dark hair. I guess that's really just a given, cause, I am Italian.

I've got the 'actual Gala' party to go to this Saturday. This time I hope it really is for Saturday! I can't check from my computer here cause I don't have the program installed to view the web-site. Anyways, I'm getting business cards made so that I can give then out...if need be. I've been meaning to get these things made for ages now! Not a huge deal cause I haven't realy had the opportunity yet to really use them. Shit, if I had had them last Saturday I would have given one to Colin. That would have been hilarious!!!

@ my rehearsal yesterday one of the girls said she say me on t.v. getting interviewed during that audition. It was funny, cause she said that @ first she didn't recognize me until she saw my name displayed on the screen. I had my extensions in and I looked so different. Supposedly she thought I had said that I liked the part b/c the girl was promiscuous, but what I really said was that the part entailed a girl who was promiscuous. People just hear what they want to hear, you know...based on what they think of you. I was stunned @ first, I thought maybe they had fucked with my words or something. But, no, I'm not famous yet...I've got some time b/f they start doing that shit to me.

I've got an audition tonight to go to...which I hope I get. *Cross my fingers* And, I just booked another one for an up-coming independant feature being shot in June. Again...*cross my fingers*. I want both of them! I really want to work on more stuff...constantly. I want my resume to be nice and beefy, and I want more on-set experience. More more more!!! Yes, I want it all.

Love, CAT xXx