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Wednesday, Apr. 09, 2003, 8:57 a.m.: I wanted prime rib...

The sun is out today and shinning brightly. I want it to melt all this damn snow away...for good. Spring is long over due already!!! So, the dinner for my girlfriend's birthday was very expensive last night. Being who she is, she goes and picks the cn tower restaurant which is very pricey. Of course, I don't mind spending the money on her b/c I love her...but it was still brutal. What really pissed me off though, was that they treated us like we were teenagers. Mind you we were acting childish and shit, but that still gives you no right to be assholes. Can't a group of friends have some damn fun?! Two of us (me included) ordered prime rib (which is more expensive than beef) and got beef, but they tried to pass it off as prime rib and charged us according to that. I was pissed!!! Cause that's just completely insulting. I mean fine, give me your damn beef, but I'm not paying for what I didn't order. So we caused a bit of a commotion a/b it, but these fucks thought we were stupid. One of the matridee's (sp) even came over and opened up our containers holding our left overs (yes, I'm taking that shit home...I paid enough for it!) and still tried to say it was prime rib. It was clearly a honkin' steak and he was saying otherwise. Fucks!!! Anyways, we got it priced down to what it SHOULD have been and we left. The best part of the whole evening was watching her open her gift and riding up and down in that elevator though. I fucking loved it!!!!

I found out yesterday that the movie Colin Farrell is filming, here in town, is looking for an actress to play a part in it. So Monday I'm going to go to the audition for it. Only thing is that it calls for nudity. Now I figure I don't have a problem stripping down for a big movie, but I'm kinda wondering if they're going to have a problem with my tatoos and my piercing...probably. So if I go to the audition and they ask me to strip down, I may be wasting my time. Cause when they look @ the massive tattoo on my leg and my nipple piercing they're gonna think twice a/b me. Whatever. And I'm not sure if they want only my tits to be exposed or my whole body. Well, we'll see what happens.

I'm almost all better today. I'm going to go in to the gym tonight b/c I can't take it anymore. Plus, I think my body is strong enough again to be able to handle the quick drop and rise in immunity. They say that a/f a work-out your immune system is low and then it rises again a/f a bit. So I guess in that time frame, when it's @ a low, it's easy to get sick and shit. You know...

Love, CAt xXx