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Monday, Apr. 07, 2003, 9:09 a.m.: give a fuck...

Yes, I'm sick!! The bitch caught up with me, this w/e, and took me down like a quarter-back gets tackled on the field in the middle of a play. I'm trying to use some imagery here and it's not working very well. I don't even watch football...god damnit. Not only do I have a terrible sinus cold, where my head feels so stuffed up that I can hardly hear myself speaking, but I developed this pain in my solar plexus this morning. I ate nothing so maybe it's just the remnants of the alcohol from last night pissing me off.

I went out to the closing gala for a w/e film festival that was being held in town. Me and my acting side-kick decided we're going to head out to all of these things, to meet people and network. So, sick as the pussy cat I was yesterday, we went to the awards presentation and then we watched the screening of the closing film, starring Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover. The film was really intense for me and was well done. I love when I can leave a movie and I feel that total sense of tragedy, yet it ends on a positive note. The movie takes place in the 70's and was a/b the struggle of a black family trying to make a name for themselves in a predominant white society and the many lows that went along with it. Danny Glover played the father of two kids who is constantly running from his past and yet is ironically still wrapped up in it. Whoopi Goldberg is the back-bone that keeps her family together through it all and in the end it is her strength that prevails. There was alot of humour involved in the film too, which sort of softened the tragic aspect enough so that you weren't in total distress. The after party was pretty awesome too. We all got party bags! You know, like those loot bags you use to get @ birthday parties when you were a kid. They had these WB key chains all a/r, decorating the tables and shit, so I grabbed like 5 of them for myself and some friends. We didn't stay too long, a couple hours, just long enough to have a couple drinks, dance, and munch a bit. I met one of the directors for one of the films that was screened earlier that day. He just moved here from NY and is going to be working out of TO for a while. Stupid me though, I never have business cards on me...so that's number ONE on my list of todo's this week.

Auditions have been scarce for me this week. On Saturday the girls and I were suppose to show-case our dance to the director. I had it planned for a 2:30pm rehearsal and he was going to come and see it @ 5pm. So I call up my sister to make sure she's going to make it out, and it turns out that I never gave her a sepcific day that we were going to do it on. So she takes a hissy fit and tries to squiggle out of it, b/c of that. Granted I should have told her a precise time, but fuck come on...if I had something to do on the w/e (for sure) and I just didn't know what day it was, if I got a call I would be up and ready to go. But, since she's my sister she feels she can be a damn suck a/b it. So we ended up freaking out on each other and I had to kick her out of the dance, cause wtf, she was letting all of us down. So there I am flipping out b/c now I'm one girl short and the director calls me up. So I'm kinda freaking on the phone to him a/b it and he just goes 'Look, it's crap outside why don't we do it for next w/e?'. 'Straighten up what happened with however, and we'll get it done next w/e for sure.' I'm like 'Okay, shit, I'm really sorry'. I mean, I'm doing alot here but he's also being very patient with me. So that got cleared up and then my sister calls me to say she's on her way and I go and tell her that it's changed to next w/e and that she's still in it. Fucking bull-shit. I mean we both took advantage of our positions, I guess. Funny thing was then he calls me back later on that night and asks me to meet him for coffee. I thought it was shitty out...shitty enough that he didn't want to come out to see the dance?! I was busy, but I mean if I have to worry now a/b every guy I work with trying to fuck me I'm going to have to adjust my perspective a bit. Shite!!! I guess it's normal, you know, but FUCK!!! Anyways, he's also going to e-mail me the new projects he's going to be working on, which include me...that's all I give a fuck a/b.

Love, CAT xXx