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Friday, Mar. 21, 2003, 9:29 a.m.: just a day...

How do I manage to always get myself into shit?! So I was added just recently to a site that e-mails audition notices out to actors. I sent out my pic and resume @ the beginning of this month. Now, a friend of mine had already been added to the e-mail list and started sending me notices once I told her that I had sent in my pic. The only thing is that there is a rule that you can't share the notices with anyone. So as I was getting them from my friend I was noticing that I wasn't getting them from the service. So last Tuesday I decided to ask the co-ordinator what was wrong and why I wasn't getting notices. STUPID!!!! I wasn't even thinking straight. SO she gets back to me on Wednesday and tells me that it shows I had been added as of March 10th and that my name is showing on lists of submissions/auditions. She then proceeds to ask me how I am submitting if I am not receivng notices from her (?!). Now, from the rumors I've heard, she's kicked people off the site b/f b/c of shit like this. So, I replied to her and explained that I had not been completely thorough in my question. That I had recievd 1 (I think) but was wondering why I hadn't received any more, b/c to my knowledge of this site people usually get tonnes of auditon notices. That I was concerned as to if there was some reason why I was not receiving the same privileges. I also told her that I tend to over-react and that I just jumped the gun...b/c that day in my in-box I had a/b 10 from her. So, I apologized for the inconvienience and signed off. Hopefully, she will not hassle me and HOPEFULLY she wont ban me from her service. I swear, so easily I fall into dumb shit. Fucking rules!! I think I could fight it though if she tried to kick me off. I just can't bring my friend into it.

I've got an audition today to go to. I'm not sure yet what it's for, but I'm heading there with my monologue and my head-shot. Fuck, I don't even know the address of the place I'm going. I only have directions from a subway station.

Did I mention that on Monday night (the night of the full moon), I had two of my friends have a run-in with people who almost died. One was in a car wreck, where my friend pulled the bleeding body of a guy out of his vehicle that had just crashed head-on with another car. And, two where my girlfriend answered the phone @ her work to a woman, in a nearby office, who was having a stroke. It was such a fucked up day!! That was the day I found my kitty stuk in his collar too. Crazy.

This w/e we're all gonna head out dancing. It's been a while and I just wanna get drunk with all the girls...and some boys too. The shitty thing is that I have an acting work-shop to go to, Saturday and Sunday, and I can't be hung-over @ all. I have to have lines memorized and I'm going on camera too, so I wanna make sure I do well. One of the cities casting directors is teaching it and I need to make a good impression on her. She has to notice me, so that she'll rememeber my face when I audition for her. I think I'm going to wear a bright orange shirt...or maybe a yellow one. HA!! Okay maybe not, I wouldn't want to blind anyone!!

Love, CAT xXx