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Friday, Mar. 14, 2003, 8:50 a.m.: hunt them...

Benicio Del Toro is starring in 'The Hunted' and I am going to go see it this w/e...that's for sure! I've seriously missed out on his fantastic performances on film. Now he is one man I would love to star with in a film. Him and Christopher Walkens! Speaking of which, I made it out to the mall with a girlfriend yesterday night and tried to promise myself I wouldn't buy anything. Well, I ended up finding shit in stores that I even hate to go into. There's always one thing in every store that I manage to pick up and can't put down. Luckily in the first shop, there was this awesome looking boy there who totally reminded me of C.W. with blond hair. As soon as he came into the light I could see that he was a partier. He looked rough for such a young age...I found out later he was only 23. He had this swagger though that was completely irresistable and he helped me pick out my sizing for the top I wanted to try on. So being that it happened to be only myself and my girl friend in the store (with him and his co-worker), and the stores were a/b to close, he took me to the change rooms with him and we ended up getting each other off in the back of the store. I was hungry and I just wanted to eat him, since M.R. had been frustrating the shit out of me. We're not 'together' yet, so we're still allowed to push the limits on each other, I guess...see how far we can go b/f someone blows. Fuck, stab me...I'll stab you right back. He was a bit too skinny, but I really didn't give a fuck...he had that psycho hot look a/b him. Hey, I don't discriminate!

A/f shopping I dropped girlfriend #1 off, with the boy she's seeing, and I went to meet girlfriend #2 @ a local Irish Pub. One of the guys who works there is a client from my work, so he hooked us up with shots and extra bailey's for my coffee. Yes, I could have had him too in the back but I wasn't interested. Maybe another day. Everyone was watching the hockey game, which I couldn't care less a/b. Then the band started playing a/f the game and we decided to get going. For St. Patty's Day we're going to head out to another pub in the city and have dinner all dressed in green, and then hopefully down some shots...not too many, but some. I HATE beer...it's nasty. You'll never see me drinking that shit, ever.

The big boss is back today. Watch it'll be the busiest day of the week, just b/c now he has lots of messages to get back to. I've got alot of shit to do today too, but @ least I can now do it with some back-up. Oh, I called up the one agent who gave me one of the best responses on the telephone, b/f I sent all my packages out, and she was ready to talk to me but she couldn't find my resume. So she told me she was going to go get it and give me a call back, but she never did. So I'm gonna call her ass up again today to see what the fuck happened. Well, I will be polite a/b it. I'm also gonna call up the rest on the list that I sent out to. Wish me luck!

Btw, the story a/b the guy in the clothing store was only sort of true. What, do you really think I would disclose my sex life in my on-line diary...well, maybe. *wink*

Love, CAT xXx