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Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2003, 9:11 a.m.: don't touch me unless I allow you to...

My call-backs went really well yesterday! In the first place, I got there and the guy who was suppose to do the scene with me was late. So I did it with a stand in (one of the earlier girls stayed with me). The scene we were playing was a kissing scene, which was hilariously funny to do with her. I mean, I don't care but it's a big thing for some. A/f we did that a few times I went over and did the other call-back. In this scene I was a spazzy eccentric...fun fun. I really enjoyed this one and hope that if I only get one out of the two I can do her. Well, I really hope I get both of them! Then my partner showed up from the previous scene so I went back and played out the scene with a guy instead. Turned out the guy I was doing the scene with was a guy I had bumped into @ an audition on Sunday. He remembered me and I him, and I ended up throwing him off during both scenes. He's very touchy and hitty and he thought I was cool with him hitting me and shit. I may be a hitter myself, but you can't hit me back unless I allow it...to which I never allowed his prescence. That pissed me off, right away, and my friendliness ceased to exist a/f that. I hope he doesn't get the part with me cause I'm gonna end up telling him off.

So, tonight I'm off to my acting session where I will be filming my first scene. If it snows any harder though, my partner said she wasn't going to drive down and I'll be shafted. This chick better not start bailing on me, cause I'll be mad. She's extremely flighty and kind of inconsiderate of anyone else's time. This is one reason why I sometimes hate team work. Well, I'll just cross my fingers with her. Ontop of that, she's taking off on holiday next week and it we don't do a class on Monday she's gone for 2 weeks. Fucking bullshit!!! I've got 3 more auditions this week though...not big paying gigs, but auditons all the same. Something for me to enjoy. See ya!