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Monday, Feb. 17, 2003, 8:43 a.m.: Monday morning news...

I'm looking @ the coffee right now, and I think I failed to put enough water in it. I better go and fix it b/f I end up choking and dying from too much caffeine. I don't need any more jittery and explosive energy than I already posses. Hold on a sec...Okay, so I'm here again on a Monday morning. I had a busy ass w/e and I enjoyed it. I got my mind off alot of meaningless nonsense. Sometimes my brian has a tendency to over-do things. It's like, I always have to have something to work on or work out, and so, even if I don't have anything to think a/b I'll find something to wrap my brain a/r. There is hardly a time when there is nothing consciously going on in my head, which can make for a bit of chaos sometimes.

I have two call-backs to go to today. I'm excited and ready. Gives me more of a chance to score a part! I had to work out my routine and warm-up for the workshop I'm doing this coming Sunday. I worked on that all yesterday and then even went out to two auditions, in between. Oh, Saturday I took an awesome dance class...I was pumped a/f. I really love this teacher...she's got to be my favorite so far. I gotta find out her last name so that I can add her to my resume! She did a really nice lyrical dance @ the end for us. I hope we finish it off next week. My girls and I were suppose to rehearse our dance this Sunday too, but it all fell throguh when one of the gils got sick. We really have to get this finished though b/f they all start to bail.

Friday I went to see 'Daredevil', with Benny Ben. I really couldn't picture him as a superhero, but I must admit he did a fine job. Except for how he OVER PLAYED the whole blind thing. He was cock-eyed throughout it all...and I was laughing my ass off cause it was like he had to SHOW or PROVE he was 'acting'. I mean, what blind person have you seen that's cock-eyed?! It seemed very strained on his part. I LOVED 'Elektra' with her knives and 'Bullseye'...yea yea!!!! Okay Colin Farrell is a fucking HOTTIE!!!!!!!! I never saw the big appeal in him until I saw this movie. Then again I never really have seen him in a movie yet, until this one. Well, whatever. When I see him in pics it's like 'Big deal!!' and then you see him as a tough ass bad boy and you're like 'JEEZUS GIVE ME HIM!!'. Okay, I think I'm done...I'm gonna go now.

Lobve, CAT XXX