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Thursday, Feb. 13, 2003, 11:23 a.m.: what?!

Well, I had my audition this morning for the host position. It went well...I have to agree and be happy with my peformance. The casting directors, who were young broads, got me to re-read the write-up a/f I did it the first time. They told me to do it in a more personable fashion...as if I was talking WITH the audience (instead of presenting it TO the audience). They seemed to like how I did it and they told me that if I was wanted for call-backs, I would be called tomorrow. So, I spoke to another chick who had auditioned and they didn't say anything to her a/b call-backs @ all. They didn't even give her any sort of direction when she read. So good good, I guess. On my way back to work I had ANOTHER run-in with a car. Yes, peoples I got rear-ended once again. What am I going on, 4 times now?! FUCK!! The guy was really cool and offered to pay me for the damage, but I got his info and told him I'd think a/b it. I guess he's freaking a/b the rising insurance prices. Either way I wanted his info just in case, but I think I am going to go with him paying me for it...if he still decides to go that route once I call him up with the estimate. Oh ya...I also got a call-back from the audition I went to on Sunday. I was happy a/b that too. I just want to get on film so that my resume can build to a point of substance. I love these kinds of experiences you know!! I live for the rush. What I really want is LOVE!!!