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Thursday, Jan. 23, 2003, 1:07 p.m.: such a business woman...

I feel like such a business woman today. I had a meeting @ our 'head office' this morning. Sat with a/b 50 other employees in a huge baord room and discussed marketing ideas. How invigorating!! You know, it is interesting though b/c I tend to take any knowledge I learn somewhere and see how it will translate into every aspect of my life. I think it's really just all the same usually. As long as the integrity of the person is there and in tact...it's all good. We didn't get a free lunch though today. Usually we're given a big catered lunch, but I guess since there were so many people there it was a little much.

It feels like I'm living in Siberia over here. It is so damn fucking cold out it's really unbearable. I bought a hat too today, a/f the meeting. It's black and it had a big pomb pomb (sp) on it. It was the hat I wanted...minus the ball on the top that made me look like an 8 year old. So I just cut it off and now it's perfect! I was waiting in Kid's Gap, for the girl I work with to finish getting her kids some shit, and I started trying on the vests there. I fucking fit into children's clothing still. It was hysterical! They had stuff there that they were trying to sell for $79 b/f X-Mas that they were now selling for $16.99. What kind of sick shit is that, really?!

So tonight I've got an audition that I have to sit in traffic to get to. It's going to try to frustrate me, but I'm just going to concentrate on my character and my script. I'd better get some concrete directions though. I tend to just think I know where I'm going and then go and just hope for the best. If I can picture the streets in my head I can ususally get there, but for this one I can't picture it @ all. A friend of mine is performing with his band @ a club and I have to go see him a/f. It's their last show b/f they go into the studio to work on their next album and I've missed every show so far. Brutal! This IS a must see tonight.