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Thursday, Jan. 09, 2003, 9:04 a.m.: the nature of the beast...

I'm feeling less cranky today. The bloody bitch is almost gone and I cannot wait. I finally finished the dance sequence. Well, I pretty much had it done, I'm just perfecting it here and there...anything to make it better. So, I had found my last dancer but it turns out she isn't available until a/f the 23rd, which doesn't really help me out very much. On top of that she's out of town every w/e too. So tonight I have to go down and look for another girl. We have to practise this Friday or sometime this w/e for sure. We'll see how it goes.

I had an awesome work-out @ the gym yesterday. I so love that place! It's truly my salvation sometimes. So my legs are in complete pain and my muscles are terribly tight, but it feels so damn good. I must be wired all the time, and I'm sure the dancing keeps up my stamina, cause I was pushing hard and I wasn't out of breath. There's this girl in my class that rides her bike everywhere and she's awesome to sit beside. She makes me push harder, she's my competition in class cause she's so good. I'm bored of competing with the instructor...its grown old, and we're equals now.

I have to find a new monologue to do for the class I'm starting next Sunday. I want to do an amazing one...something new and different. I have psycho and manipulating bitch...I'm bored. I want something new. I could even do a guys part if I find one that I love. Suggestions??

I'm taking Jodie's adive and getting a spray bottle for my kitty. He's a crazy little fuck still! Tonight I'm going to pick one up and wont he be surprised when he gets water in the face now. He stops dead in his tracks, stunned to shit, when I flick water on him from my hands. It's so cute! He does the same thing with the blow dryer. Today as I was doing my hair he sat by my feet the whole time eyeing the blow dryer...I think he thought it was trying to get me or something. I love the posessive and territorial nature of cats...it's very similar to my own.