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Friday, Jan. 03, 2003, 8:40 a.m.: getting it done...

Well old father winter has just given me the finger! We got dumped on yesterady...so this morning we've got a/b 20 cm of snow to drive through. Luckily they anticipated this and had our snow ploughs working all through the night. I managed to park on a spot on the drive-way that the snow kind of just missed and blew over, so my car was very easy to clean off. You know, it's not too bad though, really. It's light snow, and it's not icy, and it's perfect winter temperature out. So, I guess I should say that old father winter is giving me the finger coupled with a little laugh. Yea, that's better.

I never got to let you all know how my filming experience went on the Sunday...or did I? Anyways, filming was fucking amazing! I played this teenaged bully bitch, and it was so fun. I noticed while on set that I can slip in and out of character very easily. While in character I totally feel like a different person, so much so that when I was out of character I don't even rememeber what happened...just barely do I recall. It felt so natural. The girl I played along side was my side kick, the nicer one of the two of us. She had more lines than I did too, I ended up being this total cunt...the ring leader and silent intimidator. It was a cool experience and I love the chick (my 'side kick') I met while doing this film. My next role is that of a hooker who works along side a cop, illegally, to catch a serial rapist. I have to rope him in and I become someone he obsessively stalks. It should be cool. 'nsnb' happens to be the cop that I work along side of and we have this really twisted sort of relationship. I think it's going to be awesome. I'm excited a/b this one too.

Tonight, since it's snowing like shit and I probably wont be heading out anywhere, I'm going to finish up the ending to my dance. I hope these girls are still committed to this project since I haven't yet heard from any of them, a/f trying to get ahold of them. The only two I'm sure of is the chick from my last set and my sister...that's only three, I need three more. Oh well, fuck them! If they bail, I'll find three more chicks to fill their spots. I don't give a flying fuck! Hopefully 'director man' wont be pissed off a/b it. I wish people could be more reliable, but then it wouldn't be a perfect world now would it?! To the drawing board...why the fuck did I just say that?!?! HAHA! Hey, haven't done one of these in a while. You%20are%20cutting
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