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Thursday, Jan. 02, 2003, 8:45 a.m.: the year 2003...

Holy fucking shit!! It's 2003!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have entered into a new era...we have. I predict it will be a beautiful one.

New Years went really well this year. I was very happy to be celebrating with my closest gilfriends. I haven't been able to do that in a very long time. We booked a pricey hotel in the middle of everything (that we got for a very good cost, courtesy of my girlfriend's boss). Of course we went and smoked a joint b/f getting ready, which eded up putting us behind a little bit. By 6pm all three of us still weren't showered and we had to be @ dinner by 7:30pm. Dinner ended up being pretty expensive as well, but well worth it b/c of the company. I started on my chocolate martinis, which were so damn delicious I could have stayed there all night drinking them. By the time we got to the club, for the dancing, my buzz was partly worn off and their chocolate martinis were fucking nasty! So nasty that there was no masking how disgusting they were. The only good part was the fucking cherry. They obviously don't know how to make the damn things! Anyways, I danced all night long. Attracted many a straight laced boy. It's fucked b/c I notice that very conservative types are attracted to me...it's a funny thing, since I look quite the opposite. I have a few different theories as to why, and quite honestly like all the ones I've come up with. It's cool. I'm going to have to start surveying them. We brought in 2003 dancing our asses off and hugging. On the way home, we couldn't even find a cab so we walked all the way to one hotel (one friend was staying there with her girlfriends). We ended up being escorted there by three guys who had been @ the same party as us. This one guy comes up to me and starts talking to me. We discuss our backgrounds and it turns out he's Persian. Like I didn't expect that, I've been attracting Middle Easterns for quite a while now. I'm happy a/b it b/c I fucking love them! So damn yummy! He told me that I had Arab eyes. Of course I was flattered and he was so fucking charming, I'm telling you. We walked the whole way holding hands. So we left the guys @ her hotel and then walked back to ours. When we got in and I had a message on my phone...it was 'nsnb' calling to wish me Happy New Year! What a way to end my night...we smoked another joint and I went to sleep really happy. Not b/c of the joint...b/c of everything else.

In the morning I was the first up...like usual. We got packed and then headed for a greasy breakfast, to end our holiday. $10.99, for buffet, and we hardly ate anything. Typical. It was a great time though. Just lovely. Now it's back to work and working...with a smile on my face of course.