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Monday, Dec. 16, 2002, 8:56 a.m.: hot as hell...

I was away Friday, cause I had an audition to go to. I planned on being there @ 7 in the am...I thought it was going to be jammed with people trying out. This was for a part in a t.v. series that's filming here. I ended up getting there @ 8 instead and I still had time to get a coffee and read over my sides b/f getting an audition time. It went really well. We were booked into five minute slots and people were flying in and out of the audition room. When I got in, the casting director got me to read my scene twice for her. Every time I got to look in her direction she was furiously writing things down on paper a/b me. I took that as a good sign. It was fucked cause I knew her from somewhere...or maybe she just has one of those familiar faces. Anyways, I was happy with how I peformed and then I got to go...now with the whole rest of the day off. My Mother took me out for a late lunch a/f, which I though was nice of her. I even got to get all my X-Mas shopping done later that night. 'nsnb' rang me to see how my audition went, which I though was really nice too. I was a happy girl.

Come Saturday I had two scripts to go over for films I'm shooting. I was only able to make it out to one, b/c it ran into the time of the other. This one held precedence cause I'm shooting on the 24th, so ya know. For this one I'm a big bitch...it's fun to do. I like how when I do my scenes, I'm the only one who never gets any direction. The director so far has always liked what I choose to do with my character. Yea, I'm taking pride in that! So that wrapped and then I met up with the director who I'm doing the dance sequence for. Of course, a/f that meeting I was stressed. He wants something to show him by X-Mas, which puts huge pressure on me. I was freaking out when I left him that night...I mean, I don't even have all my dancers yet. I have to seriously haul ass for this one now. On top of everything I have to find rehearsal space for myself, b/c he's basically thrown it on my shoulders. I've calmed down a/b it since Saturday. I mean, there's nothing I can do but get it done...and get it done well. That night I vented a bit on 'nsnb' and let my kitty scratch the shit out of me. Made me feel better.

So things are going well again. I'm in total mental and sexual torture though. The whole w/e every time of would think of 'nsnb' I got so horny I would pulsate. It's so crazy right now, that I have to censor what I think a/b him. I'm telling you...his presence makes me want to do shit that only he would be able to get out of me. Just writing this is making me very fucking hot. I have to stop.